Monday, September 1, 2014

Buffalo Wild WIngs - OPEN Thanksgiving Day

Most Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants will be open limited hours on Thanksgiving Day. Actual hours of operation vary by location, so be sure to call ahead before heading to Buffalo Wild Wings on Thanksgiving.

Many Buffalo Wild Wings locations will also be open on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Again, each individual store has unique hours, so be sure to call. But rest assured, most Buffalo Wild Wings locations will be open this Thanksgiving Day.


Anonymous said...

All the corporate owned BWW stores in Illinois are closed on Thanksgiving. Franchise owned BWW's may differ, and I believe the state of Michigan has their BWW's open on Thanksgiving. But no, most BWW's will not be open that day.

Administrator said...

Looks like BWW is one of those chains where some restaurants are open on Thanksgiving while other locations remain closed for the holiday. My best advice is to call ahead and confirm before you leave home.